Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First RR After-party! ( for me )

Ravenwood Radio was an hour, I have some AWESOME spoilers to share about Celestia...
We got pictures of supposedly the Sun and Lunar teachers. The sun one was like a sister of Falmea and the Lunar was, Oh I can't describe it, watch the show to see it! We also got pictures of the Umbra Queen who looks like she will be the main, last boss there! She was basically a Spider-lady, I guess you could call her Spiderwoman :). When Thurston Plunkett is cut off saying Mor..., it is the Spider-ladies name it seems, I forgot the supposed name. Plus we might swim in Celestia! And there *might* be CL houses according to KI. Watch the show!!! I also heard Friendly's segment, it was a really funny rap about Celestia. And he said he had a horrid singing voice, xD. Then there was the after-party, it was short but awesome, here are some quick screenshots I got:

Me w/Fallon Shadowblade, she was nice enough to make room for me so I could add her, thanks!

THE mob.

Another mob pic, plus you can see Kev Battleblood ( The Chillanthropologist ) who moderated the show with Fallon Deathslinger tonight.

Yet another random mob picture, and lastly...

Piggles are yummy.
I couldn't get a Steven+Leesha picture, the mob wouldn't back up so we all could take pics.
Btw my house-party is tomorrow, I'll start it when I have a lot of friends online :), there is a lot to say but I have to go now, I might actually re-consider doing Estrakir again if I get a band of people who have done it too :D. I also got Alric Ravensinger of The Raven's Vault on my list too, this blog may get more publicity soon :). Personally, I'm still surprised Fallon added a *now* small blog to her friend's list, it was quite an honor and Alric too, like I said, the party was awesome. I might get a snapshot of Steven and Leesha tomorrow if possible, for now: Happy Farming!


  1. :D yea, I got to watch my favorite show on TV ve before, then right after it was the RR chat room, then Leesha's interview, then the end, Friendly's segment, After-party, then I got up near 1PM today Woot!

  2. Yummy Piggles.
    This blog is sure to get more people now :)

  3. xD and to make it even better I made a cool header


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