Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The developments of Arlen Dawneyes and his faithful dog Lord Spike- 6/2/10

To start off neither me or anyone else I have been with has gotten the crabling pet- I've farmed more or less than 20 times, most with other friends and no crab for anybody yet :P. I'm not going anywhere till I get it! MUST...HAVE...CRAB...PET... lol well yea thats how desperate I am. Maybe I just dont have the pet farming luck yet, the only new pet I have is the Myth sprite from Rattlebones now: that only took 3-4 tries, and he's the easiest boss in the game- GRRRR!

But I DID get the minotaur statue while farming for the death minotaur pet a few days ago: I still am continuing my impressive statue collection. Last night I also did one run through the Crimson Fields with a friend who said Yakedo drops the Death ninja pet. Who the heck is Yakedo? I asked and it ended up being a :) secret boss! This must be the only secret boss I had no idea about. I had heard the name Yakedo on a clothes item or 2 but didnt think much of it at the time. If anyone has never heard of him I dont blame you, you have to hoist up all the flags on the battlefield ( I never knew what those were for either! ) and when you get the quest from the Samurai who keeps yelling "FOR HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY!" to "Defeat the Battlefield" Yakedo will show up there if you have hoisted the flags. I got a No Auction Fire robe, no one got the pet and also I did Grum Foultooth- a real boss before the battlefield quest, he drops a MS lion statue or whatever its called. You may see some busts of those when you walk around MS, I had seen the statue who people claimed it was from Grum ( FROM GRUM: Makes a neat rhyme, XD ) and didnt get it. I did get a Big Squash snack though. In other news, I finally did Briskbreeze tower again, and beat it! Yesiree, Nightglider cheats like crazy. It was the simple 10 floors and the scarecrow boss who you can defeat if you kill his minion(s) quick before they get 4 pips! Then it uses a 10000 damage meteor and its all over... But that didnt happen, we knew better. At the end we did some deck equiping where I put in my new Vaporize spell to "vaporize" the bosses earthquake if that happened like my friend said. It was mostly crazy, I couldnt stop yelling for mommy at the last boss XD! Yes I was scared to death we would die after all this effort and I DID die once but got satyr'd by a friend :). But on a somber note it didnt end all happily ever after-ish. Orrick Nightglider used a meteor AND earthquake on the final turn before I killed him. The result: 2 victims. Not realizing he would do that I wanded him to kill ( he only had 22 health now ) and by then he had used the 1000+ damage combined of meteor and 'quake to kill my Ice and Fire friend I:. Only me and a Death wizard survived, I ended up getting the Ice ring, NOT the myth ring I was so jealous of :P. Not a very good reward but at least I can say I beat Briskbreeze!
Yep, Lieutenant Culpepper is happy! :D, and on a last note Lord Spike is over half-way to ancient! Arlen Dawneyes: Pet Commander says Happy Dueling!

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