Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not much new...

Hey everyone, I got the storm snowman! From the Sea Lord, woot! No luck in any other pets yet though ;). Oh wait, I also got the Red Banshee from Akuji, lol.
Queen Gus says HI!
I also did part of the Labyrinth today - Silver Sentinel and the criminals in the street but no luck on the Wyrmskin statue from Andor or the Storm deck from Devora. And when I was doing that a request popped up from a friend to help with the Labyrinth! So I finished that up and he had beaten Zora and the Silver Sentinel so we did, along with a Balance, the bosses in the street again and no luck... again. But I helped him with the rest- Property Master, no luck in his sword, Gallium Paladin, no luck for his Life deck for my new Life, and the Dean didn't drop his sword either xD. But hey, I got a lot of other stuff to sell and some beatiful pet snacks. Oh yes and Mycin is now LVL 45! Check out his new look:

:D, a lot of better stats too. I may take another brief hiatus on him so I can fetch his Storm sword from the Hoarder and the Storm deck on Arlen. One more thing: Only 7 1/2 days of school left! Yes, my school ends later than most I:. This means when I am not busy this summer I can devote even more time to this blog and doing boring stuff when my parents decide they want me to do something else if I've been on w101 all day ;). But first on the 25th is my B-day so I have to go to my grandma's: presents! cake! She's my last grandparent so I'm glad to enjoy any time I can see her and she's only a 2 hour drive away :D. She doesn't have a computer but on the other hand about 100000 TV channels and a dog. Then I have to go to a day Basketball camp for a week and in July a trip to NC to see a friend of my dad's and enjoy the place. And in August I'll pretty much mope about how summer's almost over xD. But again, when I am here I will have a ton of free time. I don't really go outside since it's about 110 degrees every day except a casual run-through the sprinkler :). Happy Farming!


  1. Congrats on Mycin! And Happy (early) Birthday!

  2. :) thx Heather - I guarantee Mycin will be my 3rd grandmaster soon plus I just bought the Storm house for him! :D I've got some decorating to do...


Have a splendiferous day! :)