Sunday, June 13, 2010

A new hat!

Take a look at what the Hoarder dropped for me, not the shockblade yet but...

The next best thing! It gives 68 less health, 1% less Myth damage but a lot more Myth resist. I trimmed all my clothes to Minty blue too, I like that color and it's Myth's other. Looks the same as the Spiderkeeper's hat I believe, if you haven't heard me about the Spiderkeeper before let me note she has dropped everything else she has over twice for me except the Myth grand hat... never. I WILL GET IT ONE DAY YOU STUBBORN CRAZY LADY OF DOOM! I'm pretty sure I've eclipsed the 100 mark for wins over her now. Also, while I was dying my clothes I ran into an awesome Orthrus hybrid, it's a mix of Hydra and Orthrus and it's called Cerberus... but it still has 2 heads! xD, interesting it doesnt have 3. Spike's long lost brother has been discovered!

Thanks to the random person for letting me take pics :). Here's the back of it:

And the front...

It's basically an Othrus who is made of rock and has little bits of green moss over it. Interesting that it's a combo of Hydra. Plus I saw a Jade hound last week ( mix of Satyr and Orthrus ) but look's like that's already been discovered ;). So yea, I also farmed a bit today for Life Banshee and Hall of Valor once and no luck yet :P. Happy Farming!

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