Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick note- No more math! THANKS SO MUCH KI!

Extended Maintenance from 2-7AM EST tonight. Thank you Gamma for saying even though our stats are max we will receive more pet XP anyway! YES! So that means I dont have to wait till September anymore... Sorry, was so happy I had to put a 3rd post today :). Snacks will work too! I was curious of all the maintenance works all night but it does pay off after all. If you pull all-nighters on w101 often and are annoyed at all this maitenance, be happy instead :). On a last note after just 4 fights w/the Coven ( no Silverback yet ) I have gotten every single school wand 90 damage and LVL 45+ lol. I got 3 in one fight once. Now I gotta have the Silverback! GRRR. But on the bright side I have almost 60K gold and can hatch soon :). Plan to do it with another storm to try for a Storm doggy or Mythzilla or whatever it is. Happy Farming!


  1. It was awesome! The patch took less than one minute to complete! And if you want to meet in-game contact me here: http://sorcererofthespiral.blogspot.com/p/history.html

  2. Thx for commenting! I put a comment on your site's most recent post, dont regard it as spam since my e-mail isn't really working. It asks what time, place, realm etc. you would like to meet in- Happy Farming!


Have a splendiferous day! :)