Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thank you!

Thanks for the welcome to blogger everyone! I just did a whole post but accidently didnt publish it! LOL, and a thx to M.W.S aka "Sorcerer of the Spiral" for giving some notice to the newbies :D. On my next post tomorrow, I will explain everything I just deleted I: and (this was planned to be on the next post after the one I just deleted) an official - well mostly from word of mouth - list of the new w101 pets I have heard from other wizards farming. And as seen on Friendly's blog the crab pet has been discovered! YAY, first celestian pet here I come! I farmed the boss 6 times = no pet yet. Heh, thats why I am in a hurry to farm the Crazed Forest Spirit in the Ancient Burial Grounds again! Until next time - Happy dueling!


  1. Yw (your welcome)! Very cool! Celestia pets are awesome!

  2. :D, look at the news report from KVUE too. Nice story about w101 plus some little sneak peeks at the new Celestian common-area.


Have a splendiferous day! :)