Saturday, June 5, 2010

Statue of the day-Minotaur

Instead of "Pet of the Day" I made a "Statue of the Day" for those of you who collect statues. First up, my newest one:
Minotaur. From the Karuvian Scargiver in the Plaza of Conquests, many of you may have gotten him while farming for the Death Minotaur pet from him as well. The minotaur pet is from Youkai the secret imp in the Tree of Life which, when I get it, I will put next to this statue :D. Notice all the cherry blossoms in the background, I have around 40 of them and counting... why? Who doesnt love a Cherry blossom festival! :D. Btw, in D.C. every year they hold a real cherry blossom festival, look it up to see what time of year, I think it's in early April.
That's why I love 'em, put it as the "Furniture Item of the Day". Mossback gives you one if you do his quest in the Cave of Solitude and the others I bought from the bazaar. They are hard to find there since you only get one and they are too beatiful for some to sell xD. Anyway, this morning I had no luck on pets with a run through the Hall of Valor with fellow bloggers Dustin Mooncatcher ( ) and Kevin Battleblood and a friend. We did the Runed Devestator, Jotun and bros. and Lokar but no luck. And thx to Kevin for some info on pets! The Death Cyclops is from General Greystone, Plaza of Conquests and a Zombie-like pet is from Lokar who is a optional myth boss after Jotun. Add that to your list! I also met my newest follower on this blog Heather Raven one of the best Myth bloggers around! I'll be finishing up the Tower Archives on Mycin now, but first... Lunch! Hoagies! Yum, Happy farming!

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