Sunday, June 20, 2010

Less talkee, More farming?

Well, to tell the truth I probably won't blog less but is it the reason why I have had such bad luck lately? Only pet recently has been the Life Minotaur and that has quite a big drop rate. Ok, I am personally mad :P. 1. I've done the Hall of Valor, the whole thing, 10 times, no pets, at all. 2. My friends keep getting the pets, SO SO JEALOUS!!! I have farmed more than a whole lot of people but others tend to have more pets than me :(. I don't deserve this! It's almost my birthday! xD. That's my big hope, I will get more luck since it's nearly my birthday ( only 5 days now :)
Let's hope! hooooooppppppeeeeeeessssss. Also I figured out how to add color to my blog so you probably notice it's Yellow in the background ( the main Myth color ) and Blue for my typing ( In my opinion the main Myth trimming color ) to make it all the more mythy! Hope it looks better :). Happy Farming! ( wishes luck to myself... )

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