Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good day for my pets, bad day for my farming

Look at the pets I've leveled up already!
Yep, and a certain crab of mine is going to level up too tonight, King Bonnie plus check out this *yet another* glitch I found at Meowiarty

Yea, just like Vlad Darkflame's, I'm 10 feet up in the air again. I teleported to a friend near the end but had no luck in pets from Spike the Crusher or Meowiarty who also drops a Watchdog statue :). I DID get that hat you see from the Coven ( fought 'em twice, no luck in the Silverback Wildclaw yet ) that is only slightly worse than Hat of the Endless, here's the comparison:
160 Health, 3% Myth Accuracy, 5% Myth damage and 10% Myth resist to: Hat of the Endless: 200 Health, 3% Myth Accuracy, 8% Myth damage so I've decided to wear the Raven hat only in battles with Myth monsters. I also did the Hall of Valor once, one friend got the Life bat from Grettir, one the Zombie from Lokar and me-none. :P. Plus I did 2 bosses in Helgrind Warren solo, the first boss and the Brownwood Tormentor who didn't of course cough up his Life minotaur otherwise I'd be really hyper right now ( aside from the fact that the USA-England game is about to start ) so yea, I finally have some material to write about so I decided to put 2 posts today :). Next one will be after the HITG Welcome back party tonight - Happy farming!

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  1. Oh, lol work on your orthrus look at the recent posts on my blog...


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