Friday, June 11, 2010

Dragonspyre computer glitches galore

See the title? I can name quite a few of them. Yesterday I mentioned the Darkflame 10 feet in the air glitch and the unnamed Boss Banshee. Here are some more: Near Tumok Gravelbeard in the Dragon's Maw there is a area where you can go through walls and things through quite a bit of the Maw-I found this on Friendly's blog from a post a little bit back and tried it myself; it was pretty cool :). I could go into a little house there and things, dont you just love that kind of stuff? And today I found a ( I think ) previously unknown glitch in the Drake Hatchery- here's the location on the map, look for the arrow:

lol it's a little fuzzy- by Tomar Skyblade, see? And here's a picture of me when I fell off the edge:

I'm invisible and I can walk through walls-MUAHAHA.

and last here's a little neat pic of me trapped by walls, how did I get out? I went through them.

You can walk a little ways down the road doing this trick, to get there you see this little empty house-you can't go in, by Tomar Skyblade and go past it, and you can walk through it's wall and others till you get to the Hoarder area. I hope everyone enjoys what I found! :).
And also I returned to Pet minigames knowing that I can level other pets since I can't for Spike anymore- he's stuck at 230/1000 in Ancient, so I went to my house and thought, which pet should I level next? So thanks to some various snacks that were dropped for me before, I leveled Miss Hunter the Queen Spider from Yeva Spiderkeeper to Teen! I narrowed my decisions to a pet that gives a card when it's a higher level so I thought of Miss Hunter first who gives the spell Poison at Ancient I think. But later when I was playing with it I thought maybe I should have chosen my Fire mander or Krokomummy, that'll be my next to level to Teen. I'm getting ALL my pets to Teen in the future then I'll level them all to Adult etc. instead of sticking with one then another. Meanwhile, here is the Congratz' picture of Miss Hunter

:D, I got Astute which increases my Will by 50 and Clear Path which changes the leader's lane in the derby for only 2 seconds, grrr :P. I have yet to get a Health or Mana gift from Lord Spike or Hunter, mostly talents that I don't think are very good I:. So next will be my Krokomummy or Fire mander whom I will play with a bit after this. This is my last post before U.S.A plays England in the World Cup tomorrow at 1:30... on ABC, yay! We lost ESPN about a year ago after it changed channels I:. But yea, I'm going to follow the Cup a lot this next month and record the scores and my predictions in my notebook AND on my new Wii World Cup game I'm going to pit the C.V.C ( Computer vs. Computer ) against each other in every single matchup. So far it had South Africa beating Mexico ( they tied earlier today ) France beating Uruguay ( tied also IRL ) Argentina beating Nigeria and South Korea and Greece tying. Why do I bother doing this? you might ask, I guess I just like predict stuff and maybe show it to my *future* kids like my mom who saves my baby cradle and EVERYTHING lol for my *future* kids. But anyway, I hope a lot of people watch it, it's only once every 4 years y'know. And at 9PM EST tomorrow will be even more fun as reported in yesterday's post with Homework in the Graveyard's return to w101! I will be there super early so as not to not be able to switch realms again ( see Ravenwood ball ) and this may be my last post before it so hope to see you all there! Psst... Happy Farming!


  1. Cool! i just started to read this blog, and i am fallowing it already! love the name to.

    P.S. i was the one you were talking to in nightside after the party. I am Michael skullBlood :)

  2. Yep, good luck on your new blog! I just introduced you to the "w101 blogosphere" in my newest post so be sure to check that out!


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