Thursday, June 3, 2010

:) Finally some luck!

King Bonnie popped out around my 40th try. Woot! It's crab pet day!

And take a look at my new MB outfit to wear to parties :). Behold the great Moodha...

4 pets since yesterday! The one shown, Blue banshee on 2nd try from Lord Nightshade, Queen Spider from Ms. Spiderkeeper and on the 10th try- the Storm cat from Herkir :).

Also, Lord Spike's nearly an ancient. It's a great day for Arlen, I didn't do much else, just took in the scenery around GH

Yea, about 100 FEET high. Hall of Valor's where I'm going next for the Silver collosus and several pets from Jotun and co. --- Happy Dueling!

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