Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Statue of the week-Koto


Facts: Statue of Koto Limit One, No Auction. From: Jade Oni. I've gotten it 4 times so it doesn't take too long to farm for also. And check out Maggie getting ready to pop a break dance in the background. Koto is, I guess, kinda like a Ninja pig god. And if you noticed, I made it Statue of the WEEK now which is more fitting so I won't run out of statues anytime soon. When I eventually do maybe I can make it Tree of the week? But the Cherry blossom tree would easily take that. Pet? Maybe, but there are a lot of blogs that have a Pet of the Day. Who knows? But that's a long way off. Speaking of a long way off I've decided to do minigames with Lord Spike again! OK, I have 235/1000 to Epic as I speak so let's do the math, btw when your stats max out ( like Spike's has ) you only get 1 point per minigame. 12 minigames in a day ( 6 in the morning, 6 at night ) so 12x30 ( how many points in a month ) =360 pet XP. 235+360=595
OK, since I'll be gone a bit for B-day, vacation etc. I figure I'll be at 595 when August starts. So, I have it figured I'll be at Epic sometime in Mid-September probably more or less. That's the only thing I'll be looking forward to that time of year ( school starts again I: ). Speaking of which, today we finished tests and the last full day of school :D :D :D. Cleaned out our lockers ( I don't put junk in mine, I just had one piece of paper in there ) then goofed off woohoo! We got chocolate ( Um, mine melted in my pocket, my mom just came in and found that out ) and celebrated our last days of not being at the top of MS ( 8th grade is next ) and tomorrow doesn't really count 1. It's a half day 2. All we do is sign yearbooks and goof off again. The best part is the huge rush of joy when everyone comes home on the bus :). So, HAGS everyone! ( Have a great summer ) Yep ( does the school is over dance ) and lastly, on just my 2nd try I got: grrr, hold on, connecting to server. Could not connect to wizard101. Please try again later. C'mon! Ok, lets try again... Seriously! Again... Oh, they just released the $60 for 1 year subscription again, buy it if you can! And...
There, finally. Miss Shadow the Mustard Troll! From Fleshrender in Vigrid Roughland. This boss is kind of secret, not part of a quest so here's the directions: Enter Vigrid Roughland in GH. Go to waterfall and turn left, there will be a cave with a sigil ( word for the 4 circle thing to go in ) enter and there he is. Storm, 2200 Health, has an easy Diseased Wildclaw minion. I got the Mustard troll on just the 2nd try :). It gives a spell too but can't find it. Plus here is my crab's teen status:
Tenacious=50 more Will and Dead End is a wall in one lane in the derby. Happy Farming everyone! Ravenwood Radio's on tonight too, don't miss it!

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