Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More pictures and Firebat pet!

This is my new blog header! You may have noticed it.

I explored the new "crafted" GH house, awesome Watchtower view!

Splash goes the flying fish
Grizzleheim is awesome to "get away from it all"

Cool storage room inside

Nice view of the house, I like this one more than the Dragon's Fjord ;).

Plain embarrasing, Gloria Krendell STILL wants me to beat those elves I:

Anyone else notice this? When I was at the dye shop renaming my Leprechaun to Mr. Lucky I noticed "Woah, her name is Darla Whisperwind?"
So I immediately went to Collossus Blvd. Daren is Darla Whisperwind's son! Woah, shouldn't they have told us by now? Daren Whisperwind is the boy who warns you in the 2 Gauntlet of Woes ( The Warehouse and Briskbreeze tower ). "The bosses in here cheat"
WOOT! 2nd try on the Gurtok Barrier Demon in Ravenscar = Success!!! Hatches in 10 more hours...
Hanging at Alric's Storm-pet house. Clapping with Sparky :D.
The rare Fog Unicorn ( not mine, sadly )
Showing the Walk-through-walls glitch in the Drake Hatchery to others...
Now you see me...
Now you don't.
Gotta eat dinner, then I'm going to try for the elusive Temp Hound or Mythzilla in the test realm! ( Hatching orthrus and stormzilla ) I tried once, just got another orthrus, name was King Sam, I promptly sold him ;). Btw I think I'm going to move my party ( again ) to next week when more people are on the Live Realm y'know? Plus I've just been plain busy ;). And sry I'm so addicted to screen-shots xD. Plus TFN has a Ianthine Spectre raffle! I entered as well as 160 others ( so far! ) Hope I get REALLY lucky, but he also has 5,000 gold consolation prizes, Happy Farming!

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