Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RR18 Tonight

Yes, at 9:30 EST, If your not familiar with this great chat session go to and listen in at 9:30 EST. Plus, school is out for me OFFICIALLY now. Time to get Spike to Epic! WOOT! In our last class our teacher let us watch the Swiss upset Spain 1-nil in the World Cup and then gave us early dismissal, go World Studies teacher! Plus, when w101 has maintenance again, hope for the new Celestia quests! *fingers crossed*. :) Happy Farming and have a great summer everyone!


  1. About meeting up just notfiy me by the Skysa bar on my blog if I am online aka SOTS (Sorcerer of the Spiral) Chat bar!

    Secondly, make a Twitter account and Skype thanks! More info here:

  2. OK, I got an old twitter account I don't use but I'll make a special w101 twitter :). Havent really heard of Skype but I will check that out too lol, thx!

  3. Oh neat, I can see you IRL on Skype lol. Just need permission, I'll try to make one tomorrow :D


Have a splendiferous day! :)