Friday, June 4, 2010

Mycin reappears

Haven't been on Arlen much today, I got bored of farming: I did the Runed Devestator and Jotun and bros. both once, no luck. Beaten the Devestator 3 times and a friend got his silver collosus once, there's some hope! Oh yes and when I got home from school I did this immediately: PLAY PET MINIGAMES, and guess what, well it wouldn't let me take the screenshot but Lord Spike's an Ancient :D. I got Crafty which added 50 will from 200 to 250 and Befuddle in the derby. Was hoping for something else besides crafty kind of but oh well ;).
As noted in the title Mycin Thunderwraith /lightning strikes/ went online today! Got MS business done, the only quest left is Oakheart's side quest in the Tree Of Life now. Me and my new quest buddy throughout the rest of MS finished every boss in the TOL ( Tree Of Life ) including the secret ones Akuji and Youkai. I didnt really get anything worthwhile though I: in other words: No Red Banshee or Minotaur pet. My lucky friend got the leprechaun pet from the Death Oni though-GRRRR. On the pet bright side my storm cat and queen spider hatched :). Madame Bandit is a cool name for a Queen Spider muahaha! Ahem. I did some "errands" on Mycin as well including: Selling at the Bazaar to get my gold to 65000, I'm saving for the storm house :D cant wait! Dorm is so crowded... I also got Feint from my 3rd school: Death, woot!
And also had to pay for my laziness going back getting some oysters. The only ones I had collected turned out to be the ones in Shirataki Temple and Kishibe. That got me feint and I went up through to Zarathax's get the key from the loathsome creeper quest, DS has officially started! I leveled up twice in several hours to 44, can't wait for 45 to get my new clothes, gear :).
That was pretty much it for the day although some news from the Celestia poster! The world is not all crabs! Yesiree, there is a shark-awesome! *Shark waves harpoon, Arlen steals it* And as a favor to anyone who's reading this, I need to get on some of the bloggers lists, the ones that name all w101 bloggers on blogger. Not on many yet, need to get noticed still, Happy dueling! ( and farming! )

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