Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More things from the Test realm...

This is mostly pictures of my adventures today,

VERY odd question...

Well, duh...

O: evil tree! Incidentally, I beat him in a couple minutes, I wasn't a fool to disturb him ( all I did was try to ask him a question geez )

Lesson learned, Snorri Oysterbloom ( I'm still wondering if trees DO make a sound if they fall in the forest and no one is around, shoot, I thought I would find out )
Um, good point. Trees probably do make a sound if they fall when no one is around.

Cool! Awesome giant Ice hall place

Is Imric just there for looks? Cryptkeeper is a neat badge
My new look from the Bazaar, I stitched my stats to these of course :).
I still want revenge! I've decided this was my last run of the Warehouse before the Live Realm and sadly, I lost again. So jealous of the people who beat it..
A KingIsle support member. At first I thought it was an alien costume but I noticed the ninja-pig suit, but do pigs have claws? I looked in Mooshu for this but didn't see it, ooh, top-secret costume, maybe it will come out sometime...
Oh and I found out that a really cool hat drops from Estrakir. One of the wizards I did a Warehouse-run with had gotten a hat that gives 265 Health, a little Power pip % and a little Resist PLUS a Ninja pig card, woot! And it can be sold, there is no where on it that says No Auction so I hope someone sells it to the Bazaar. I also got another Wayfinder boots ( 2 of them so far from General Stormclaw, got it both times ) which are pretty good but still sticking with Kraysys' Myth boots. Also Ravenwood Radio is on tonight while Leesha Darkheart tours the KI building asking questions :D. Go RR! I hear of a surprise moderator from Kev Battleblood too, can't wait to hear our questions answered! Cya there at 9:30 EST. And it's on a Tuesday for a change since Leesha couldn't make it on Wednesday. Good day tonight, I watch my favorite show ( Wipeout on ABC, me and my mom watch it, so funny! ) then soon after RR19! Happy Farming! **UPDATE** I found out I didn't read the Patch notes well enough, Celestia isn't really out yet, just the pre-quests. So stop asking people to take you to Celestia! xD


  1. The warehouse you need better strategies! kevinbattleblood.blogspot.com and thefriendlynecromancer.blogspot.com yea, enjoying Wizard101!

  2. OK, awesome, I already basically knew most of the strategies, we just didnt have enough experienced people ( one wasn't even LVL 48 yet so that hurt I: )


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