Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally got this to work, just not w101 yet I:

Was able to log in to blogger here on dad's computer but on w101 it says: Still connecting to wizard101... for hours. So no real hope to go on until internet works on mine :P. Btw, I was a part of the Ravenwood Radio chat room last night (108 people there!) and it was really great, I wish I could have came to the afterparty, oh well ( sighs ). Today was also the first full day of summer vacation and I played World cup on Wii pretty much all day while being nagged by my dad to take some dvds to the library... :). Also read comics, hey what else is there to do?!? lol but when I got back from the library I did some real soccer with dad so I DID get out today. And now NBA game 7 is on TV and I dont really care actually xD, but it's cool to watch, I'm going to watch the 2nd half. Boring day, just how I like it ;). Happy Farming!

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  1. I couldn't come extremely busy... I: Hope your internet problems get fixed...


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